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Merijn Kavelaars

The work of Merijn Kavelaars (1985) is a spontaneous outburst of emotion which is translated into an expressionistic and frequently figurative play of colours. He has been working as an artist since 2009 and is self taught. Kavelaars painted during several Dutch Freeride Championships where his energetic style engaged the watching crows. We love his style and it's time for you to get some of his work as well. In limited editon.

The Artist Series

After the Freeride Festival we came up with the idea of an Artist Collab. Merijn started with a painting and used his 'doodle-art' to create an colorful canvas.

At the end of the summer the paining was finished and it was time to convert this piece of art into a a scalable print.

By photographing all the small details made us realise how much work there was put into this piece. Small red dots combined with purple, blue and green made this Kavelaars painting a unique piece. We loved it right away and could not wait to see how this print will look on a midlayer!

Kavelaars Collab

Now it was time to put this piece of art into a quality midlayer. We used a white midlayer which will be printed with this new pattern.

To give you a little bit more color choice we added some extra colors. Pink, black and blue. For the men we added an extra yellow one instead of pink.

From each color we made 50 pieces , divided over the different sizes. Highly exclusive, available at Skihut Scheveningen, Outdoor XL & Outdoor Supply Bilthoven. At this webshop we've one size range as well.